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in informing you that Poggio Solivo is no longer in business, we would like to thank you for your approval and support.

Poggio's path between health, quality and taste does not stop here, but goes a bit "North". Something new is coming.

See you soon!

Poggio Solivo di Di Giampaolo Diana

Diana Di Giampaolo

About Us

Poggio Solivo offers handmade daily prepared biscuits and confectionery specialties using healthy and natural ingredients, carefully selected and "alternative".
0% Gluten, 0% Lactose, 100% Tasty!



Poggio Solivo offers  a selection of freshly prepared biscuits and confectionery specialties made from carefully selected, natural ingredients. 

In our recipes we choose: 

  • not to use wheat flour, but only special flours made from rice, corn and buckwheat coming from Italian agriculture; 
  • not to use animal fat, but only extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian, produced by selected oil mills located in Central Italy (Abruzzo and Lazio regions);
  • to use handmade, raw chocolate of Modica, a specialty from Sicily;
  • not to use hydrogenated fats, palm oil, artificial colorants and flavours, preservatives. 




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Poggio Solivo offers Made in Italy biscuits and confectionery specialties prepared using carefully selected ingredients. 

We choose high quality natural ingredients, principally coming from Central Italy regions and local surroundings, to ensure the freshness of our products.
We select only the finest ingredients, to offer you a healthy, nutritionally balanced product. Our natural and authentic products perfectly combine health and taste and are suitable for everyday consumption.  


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