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Poggio Solivo: 0% gluten, 0% lactose, 100% tasty!


Poggio Solivo offers biscuits and confectionery specialties Made in Italy, baked using carefully selected ingredients.

Our products are daily handmade following traditional methods, using natural and high-quality raw ingredients: that is why they are healthy, tasty and suitable for everyone, especially for people who care about their well-being and for those with special dietary requirements. 

Our commitment is to offer you balanced, healthy and digestible products. 

All of Poggio Solivo’s products are: 

  • Gluten free and lactose-free
  • Wheat flour free
  • Palm oil and hydrogenated fats free 
  • Artificial colorants and flavours free
  • Preservatives free 
  • GMOs free 

All our preparations have no wheat flour. Used flours only derive from rice, corn and buckwheat. 

Instead of animal fats, such as butter and milk, we prefer to use vegetable raw materials, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cocoa butter. 

We prefer simple raw materials, healthy and - when possible – coming from local surroundings, selected among the best agricultural and agri-food activities of the area. 


Welcome! My name is Diana and I would like to tell you how Poggio Solivo was born. 

One day I discovered to have intolerances to several ingredients, contained in almost all of everyday foods. When facing such a circumstance, one might feel objectively disoriented: on one hand there is a need for a radical change in diet, but on the other hand it is hard to give up the incredible set of tastes, gestures, scents, rites and conviviality that every Italian associates to food. And, above all, people like me who have always had a sweet tooth, cannot give up their beloved pastries, especially homemade ones! 

Well, I think the secret is not to get discouraged: so I decided to stand up, take the book of family old recipes, and bring them to a new life, by changing the ingredients according to the new requirements. Where I found written “wheat”, I used rice and corn, buckwheat sometimes; instead of “butter”, I used local Extra Virgin Olive Oil; instead of “milk”, I put a beverage made from rice, and so on. Day by day, try after try, my cookies have achieved a taste comparable to traditional ones but, in addition, they are healthier and more digestible for those with special dietary requirements. The end of this story – or I would better say its beginning! - is that today I finally have the opportunity to share these products and this experience with all of you, and I am really glad of it!– Diana D.G. 


Poggio Solivo is an Italian Special Bakery

Italian ... because our products are handmade in Italy mostly using local ingredients. 

Special ... because all the products are made with alternative and non-conventional ingredients, excellent in taste and ideal for wellness.

Bakery ... because it offers healthy everyday food. 


We are convinced that we need to follow sound moral principles to create healthy products. 

That is why we respect people - their dignity and their commitment - and the environment, implementing any good deed for nature, starting from the limitation of wastes and ending up with energy saving.

How we work 

We select the best raw ingredients, preferably from our surroundings, and we create fresh and flavourful bakery products every day by hand. Our confectionery specialties are made individually, cookie by cookie, with fresh and healthy ingredients, just as a grandmother would do for her grandchildren. We reinterpret the traditional recipes to satisfy the needs of those who, by choice or need, want a good product, different and healthy.


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Dear customers

in informing you that Poggio Solivo is no longer in business, we would like to thank you for your approval and support.

Poggio's path between health, quality and taste does not stop here, but goes a bit "North". Something new is coming.

See you soon!