Fiori al cocco

with raw dark Modica chocolate

Fiori al cocco

with raw dark Modica chocolate

magine to rediscover tea cookies' classic recipe: now think about it without butter and wheat, and enrich it with almonds and Modica dark chocolate, raw processed in a traditional way. You will get the Fiori al Cocco, delicious pastries ideal for a tasty coffee break or as a dessert. For a delightful snack, try to fill them up with vanilla soy ice-cream: now enjoy your ice cream biscuit! 


Shelf life: 60 days

Weight: 4,23 OZ 


In the bakery we use eggs and shell fruit; the product may contain traces of soy


  • non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter)
  • powdered sugar
  • corn flour
  • rice flour
  • almonds
  • raw dark Modica chocolate (cocoa mass, raw cane sugar) 10%
  • coconut flour (10%)
  • eggs
  • salt


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